Knife Vise PRO

oXe Tools

€300,00 EUR +VAT

Only 4 left!

- Solid steel construction

- Steel threaded bushing (not welded nuts)

- Painted with 2k paint (as used in the auto industry)

- All parts are accessible, especially serviceable and replaceable


Work on your knife from every possible angle!

* Ideal for shaping, grinding and finishing knife handles

* Ideal for cleaning up excess epoxy when gluing handles when assembling handle shells and stick grips

* Ideal for filing sticks and for thinning sticks

* Tilt the vice upwards to clamp the knife horizontally: Ideal for rounding, hand-grinding and grinding / polishing the back of the blade

* Tilt the vice down and you have the perfect angle for rounding and sanding / polishing choils

* Blades can be turned on the workbench, no more bumping into clamped blades

* Handles can also be clamped through the wide opening and used knives can be refurbished


* Full 360 degree rotation, 3 independent axes

* Long blades can be clamped (due to the open design)

* Blades can be clamped so that the back is fully accessible (through side recesses), especially useful for finishing / hand grinding / rounding the back of the blade

*Fully ambidextrous thanks to the symmetrical design: the position of the handles can be adjusted for left or right-handers

* Lower jaw can easily be changed / replaced by the user (different thicknesses available)

* Clampable handles (through wide opening)

* Upper jaw moves up / down when turning the handle

* Can be screwed onto the workbench